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MiLife's Mission:

helping others help themselves 
Only those that are ready and willing to receive help can truly heal.

Some of us want to be helped. And we are here for you. For those that need help but do not want it, we are working on a "No One Left Behind" program.

MiLife's Vision:

We strive to find hope
for anyone feeling hopeless and alone.


  • Find help

  • Provide resources

  • Stress-relieving Events

Future Goals:

  • Be the help

  • MiLife building -
    (a free place to escape)

- We run 1 main event every September
- May 4th 2019 was our 1st Mental Health May event. ^ For more information.
- We are planning a "special request" event this year

- But we are always looking to bring more events throughout the year. If you 
   have any ideas, or want to help, please reach out to us. We would love to hear     from you.

We do our research and try to find different options that may help the mental struggles we face.
We also raise money and accept donations to help reach our goals.


We use social media and email to
share updates and mental health tips

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  • instagram
  • twitter

Stay Updated

with semi-annual emails

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